Hello ! I'm Romain

Game Developpement

I started making games at the age of 8 with RPG Maker. Then I moved to simple Visual Basic games to learn programmation. Today, I work with Unreal Engine. I participated to many games jam alone or in a team. I made a couple of games to experiment different types of gameplay. I’m now really comfortable with UE4 but I keep learning through my games experimentation.

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Software / Web Developpement

I mainly focus on game development, however I also made a few things with web technologies or with C# & c++ for desktop applications. A few years ago I learned web languages with HTML, CSS & Javascript. I also learned C++ with Qt to make simple or more complex softwares. I’m also familiar with c# and visual studio. Regarding actual web technologies, I work with Vue + Nuxt & Firebase.

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3D Modeling

I’ve always worked a little bit with Blender. Recently, I decided to jump more into it and to learn more advanced techniques. Most of the time, I modelize 3D models for my games. Yet I also make some renders and this is what I’ll share with you on the website. Don’t forget that I’m still learning and that I will improve my techniques over time!

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